Filling Sand Suppliers In Chennai

Filling Sand Suppliers In Chennai

Filling sand suppliers in Chennai

Filling Sand Suppliers in Chennai – The natural river sand was the cheapest resources of sand. However, the excessive mining of river bed to meet the increasing demand for sand in construction industry has led to the ecological imbalance in the state. Now the sand available in the riverbed is very coarse and contains very high percentage of silt and clay.

The silt and the clay presence in the sand reduce the strength of the concrete and holds dampness.

The natural river sand is the product of sedimentation. mica, coal, fossils and other organic impurities are present in the river sand above certain percentage which make the sand useless for concrete work.

Acute shortage and high price for river sand has led to the adulteration of sand with salty sea sand which has raised serious concern among builders.

Greater workability

The crusher dust is flaky and angular in shape which is troublesome in working. There is no plasticity in the mortar which makes yet difficult for the mason to work. Whereas the cubical shape with grounded edge and superior gradation gives good plasticity to mortar providing excellent workability.

The particle shape of the m sand manufacturers in Chennai aggregates is very important for making concretes. It is a well-known fact that the sand having cubical particles with grounded edges gives higher tensile strength and compression strength to the concrete. The grains should be of durable material and the size of the grains must be such that it should give minimum voids.

Choose the best filling sand suppliers in Chennai

Sand Suppliers In Chennai

Vignesh Aravind Transport – One of the best filling sand suppliers in Chennai provides you the superior shape, proper gradation of fines, smooth surface texture and consistency in production parameter of chemically stable sands filling sand suppliers in Chennai provide greater durability and higher strength to concrete by overcoming the deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honey combing, voids and capillary.

The presence of clay and slit is avoided since it retards the setting of the cement and making mortar. Experiments shown that considerable variations in strength of mortar may occur owing to form and variety of the sand particle. The strength of mortar may differ by about 50% of average. It is not possible in river sand that all particles should be of higher strength. This can be achieved only by making sand with the help of machines. In machine-made sand, we can use the raw material of higher strength filling sand suppliers in Chennai.

The manufactured sand produced by proper machines can be better substitute to river sand.

There is discrepancy in the river sand for two loads lifted from same source. Hence to achieve consistent quality, each truck of sand should be tested. Moreover, the sand has to be sieved to remove stones, slit and clay.

In routine average wastage of sieving are about 35% and extra labor cost involved. Whereas VR M-Sand is ready-to-use-sand with no wastage since it does not have organic impurities. The superior shape and gradation of VR M-Sand ensures high strength concrete with significant savings in cement.

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