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M sand Dealers in chennai

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Manufactured sand (M-Sand) is a substitute of river sand for concrete construction.

M Sand Dealers In Chennai

The crushed sand is of cubical shape with grounded edges, washed and graded to as a construction material. The size of manufactured sand (M-Sand) is less than 4.75mm.

Why Manufactured Sand is Used?

Manufactured sand is an alternative for river sand. Due to fast growing construction industry, the demand for sand has increased tremendously, causing deficiency of suitable river sand in most part of the word.

Another reason for use of M-Sand is its availability and transportation cost.

M Sand Dealers in Chennai

Thus, the cost of construction can be controlled by the use of manufactured sand as an alternative material for construction. The other advantage of using M-Sand is, it can be dust free, the sizes of m-sand can be controlled easily so that it meets the required grading for the given construction.

M Sand Dealers in Chennai

Advantages of Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

  • M-Sand is cubical in shape and is manufactured using technology like High Carbon steel hit rock and then ROCK ON ROCK process which is synonymous to that of natural process undergoing in river sand information. m sand dealers in chennai
  • It does not have the presence of impurities such as clay, dust and silt coatings, increase water requirement as in the case of river sand which impair bond between cement paste and aggregate. Thus, increased quality and durability of concrete.
  • M-Sand is obtained from specific hard rock (granite) using the state-of-the-art International technology, thus the required property of sand is obtained.
  • Modern and imported machines are used to produce M-Sand to ensure required grading zone for the sand.

Properties of Manufactured Sand for Concrete Construction

Manufactured Sand - M-Sand sales in Chennai

Higher Strength of concrete

The manufactured sand has required gradation of fines, physical properties such as shape, smooth surface textures and consistency which makes it the best sand suitable for construction. These physical properties of sand provides greater strength to the concrete by reducing segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillary. M-Sand Sales in Chennai

Durability of concrete

This property of M-Sand helps the concrete structures withstand extreme environmental conditions and prevents the corrosion of reinforcement steel by reducing permeability, moisture ingress, freeze-thaw effect increasing the durability of concrete structures.

Workability of concrete

Size, shape, texture play an important role in workability of concrete. With more surface area of sand, the demand for cement and water increases to bond the sand with coarse aggregates.

The control over these physical properties of manufacturing sand make the concrete require less amount of water and provide higher workable concrete. The less use of water also helps in increasing the strength of concrete, less effort for mixing and placement of concrete, and thus increases productivity of construction activities at site. M-Sand Sales in Chennai


As discussed above, since usage of M-Sand has increased durability, higher strength, reduction in segregation, permeability, increased workability, decreased post-concrete defects, it proves to be economical as a construction material replacing river sand. m sand dealers in Chennai

It can also save transportation cost of river sand in many cases.


Usage of manufactured sand prevents dredging of river beds to get river sand which may lead to environmental disaster like ground water depletion, water scarcity, threat to the safety of bridges, dams etc. to make M-Sands more eco-friendly than river sand. We are government accredited M Sand Plant in Chennai. M Sand we are one of the main M Sand and P sand manufacturer in Chennai. We supply M Sand and P sand with PWD (certified) approval. we’re the dependable producer and provider of manufactured Sand (M Sand) and Plastering Sand (P Sand) in Chennai and Chennai Sub urban areas. manufactured sand (M-Sand) is the artificial of River sand for concrete creation . synthetic sand is made from difficult granite stone by means of crushing the ones. because the natural river sand is not replenished on the charge it’s far being used, the Tamil Nadu authorities has began to promote synthetic sand (M Sand)..

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