M Sand Suppliers in Chennai

M Sand Suppliers in Chennai

Advantages of M- Sand

Due to a variety of suitable sources and better availability of raw material, M-Sand manufactured from crushed rock is the most desirable fine material for use in construction. River sand, in contrast, is marred with low quality composition in some locations, and existing supply gaps leads to illegal mining and high costs from environmental impact. M Sand Suppliers in Chennai. Wholesale & Retail

High quality

Due to controlled conditions of manufacturing, manufactured sand achieves optimum shape and grade. This is particularly helpful in optimizing cement use. In addition, both compressive strength and flexural strength (bend strength or stress strength of the material) is improved by using cubical aggregates produced. M-sand offers markedly improved workability and reduced bleeding and shrinkage. Best M sand Dealers Chennai

m sand suppliers in chennai

Minimum void content

Since the particles of M-Sand are evenly shaped and sized, and fine in nature, the amount of void in the concrete is reduced, making it even more durable.


Natural sand often contains undesirable minerals and clays, and these can affect the quality of concrete produced. The use of manufactured sand, however, reduces the risk of impurities.

General terminology of types of sand in use

River or Natural Sand:

These are fine aggregates resulting from the natural disintegration/erosion of rock and deposited by river systems. As per Indian standard codes set for manufactured sand / M-Sand in National Building Code, sand used in preparation of concrete & in plastering should confirm to IS-383 Zone-II. (Sieve size classification)

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand):

Manufactured sand is produced via crushing of aggregates into finer materials of specific particle size (generally using Vertical Shaft Impactor technology). Since quality control is maintained in the preparation process, the sand conforms to the Zone-II grading standards better. It does not have any organic or silt inclusions.

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M-Sand can be further classified as follows:

  1. Crushed Sand

a. Crushed Stone Sand: Fine aggregates produced by the crushing of hard stones.

b. Crushed Gravel Sand: Fine aggregates produced by the crushing of natural gravel.

  1. Mixed Sand:

Fine aggregates produced by blending natural sand and crushed stone sand or crushed gravel sand in suitable proportions. M Sand Suppliers in Chennai wholesale and Retail

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  1. Manufactured Fine Aggregate:

Fine aggregate manufactured from other than natural sources, by processing materials using thermal or other methods such as separation, washing, crushing and scrubbing. Examples are: Iron/steel/copper slag aggregate, Mine OB (Over Burden), Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste etc. M Sand Suppliers in Chennai, Best Red Soil Supplier VAT

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