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Red Soil Dealers In Chennai

Red Soil Dealers In Chennai, Red Sand Dealers In Chennai (VAT)

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Red soil with a loamy texture is great for gardening because they are easy to till and promote airflow. You will typically see topsoil sold in larger quantities than gardening soil, and it is also more of an “all-purpose” soil as well.

What Is Red Soil ?

Red soil is the best part of the Indian earth’s land on which we can see physically in our surround of the state like in the Tamil Nadu, southern Karnataka, north-eastern Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. It is the combination of the rock material and the ignitions part of the rocks and the mountain. Red Soil Dealers In Chennai

Mainly it is seen that the red soil can be obtained in the mountainous part of the state. The red soil contains more drainage property in the comparison of the other soil. Because in this there is the quantity of the rock material and the part of the ignitions soil of the land. Clay and limestone are responsible for the formation of red soil.

When the erosion of the limestone is got to happen then the clay which is at the surface of the land is to get mixed, and it gets created the new form of the soil and then the part of soil which is clayish that will get erected with the limestone soil and then make a red soil. In that process, the heat which is produced in the reaction that causes the ignition of the soil and resultant that the soil gets red.

Red soil in India has the lacks of nitrogenous material, phosphoric acid, organic matter but the red soil id in rich in iron. Some major crops grown in the red soil in India include groundnut, millets, ragi, rice, potato, sugarcane, wheat, tobacco etc.

Best Garden Soil, Red soil dealers in Chennai (VAT)

Vignesh Aravind Transport is a growing Red Sand Dealers in Chennai. The reason why red soil is preferred for gardening and horticulture is the drainage. Some major crops of India including groundnut, millet, ragi, rice, potato, sugarcane, wheat and tobacco are grown in red soil.

Vignesh Aravind Transports based out of Chennai has an incredible offer going on where one can get a unit of red soil free when they buy 5 loads of red soil.


Vignesh Aravind Transports sells garden soil that’ generally pre-mixed soil products that are intended to be added to the existing soil in a garden or flower bed. What’s in garden soil usually depends on what they are intended to have grown in them.

Red soil is harvested from the first foot or two of the earth, then shredded and screened to remove stones or other large particles. Once it has been processed to have a fine, loose consistency, it is packaged or sold in bulk. Depending on where this red soil was harvested, it may contain sand, clay, silt, or regional minerals. Even after being processed, garden soil can be too dense and heavy, and lacking in nutrients for proper root development of young or small plants.

Red Soil for Forming

Red soils are formed by the change in the weather of the atmosphere and in the nature of the land that is the nature of the crystalline and metamorphic rocks. Their color of the soil is red due to their very high iron content. They are found in the areas of low rainfall and this is because of the is because of the heat of the sun, the color of the soil becomes red.

When heat is generating in the soil then it is with the result that the soil gets burn, and it gets loose its nitrogenous material, phosphoric acid, organic matter but the red soil is rich in iron obviously less leached than late rite soils. They are sandier and less clayey soils.

Red Soil in Chennai lacks in phosphorus, nitrogen and lime contents. The red soils cover a large portion of land in India. It is found in Indian states such as Tamil Nadu, southern Karnataka, north-eastern Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.
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